Thailand call for Makers!

Dawn of Makers/Makerspace shining all around the world. Including here in Thailand. Introducing Thailand’s 1st Maker Party! This party(fair) open up to all Makers! With huge loaded of activities/schedule like an exhibition of countless number of projects from makers and you!, Drone workshop, SUMO robot fighting challenge, Robot survival racing challenge and the Party! Featuring with exclusive freestyle talk from Makers as here below…


– The Internet of Things – Dawn for Dev (Chiang Mai Maker Club)
– Innovation and Creative Technology (Creative Chiang Mai)
– Maker Fair & Maker Community (NSTDA)
– Fabcafe – Creativity in food + Fabrication (FabCafe)
– How to start up for maker? (ThaiEasyElec)
– Industrial 2.0 – out role as Makers in the era of 21st century innovation (Thailand Maker Space)
– An adventure on my 1st DIY 3D Printer (GearWalker)
– From Zero to Products (MakerZoo)
– How to Cloudfunding (Home of Maker, GravitechThai)
– Hacking XBMC on Raspberry Pi (Deaware)

And the best parts is FREE! yes free admission for all Makers. Don’t forget to grab your ticket HERE. The date is 28th – 29th March 2015, 10:00 – 18:00. At  Chiang Mai Maker Club (Click Connect) locate at north of the land of smile Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Makers Party details link: http://www.cmmakerclub.com/2015/01/994
Party ticket reservation link: https://www.eventpop.me/e/46/makerparty
SUMO robot battle registration link: http://www.cmmakerclub.com/2015/02/1076
Robot racing registertion link: http://www.cmmakerclub.com/2015/02/1136